Culinary Collaborations

Because creativity breeds creativity – and collaborations result in out of the box unique experiences. Whether working on an event or creating a menu – whatever the occasion, we join forces for culinary education and innovation. Collaborating is an opportunity to widen our horizons and deepen our culinary knowledge.

January 2019 : Lulu’s Kitchen designed and executed an authentic yet unique Egyptian menu for "Asha El Khamis", a pop-up dinner event organized by Tawlet Beirut in Lebanon. The event brought together chefs from across the world to deliver a mouthwatering menu to guests. The challenge for Lulu’s Kitchen was to create an authentic Egyptian winter dining experience. The result: a successful event where Egyptian food was both enjoyed and celebrated!

July 2022 :  Lulu's Kitchen collaborated with "Nation Station", a beautiful community kitchen located in Geitawi, Beirut. Lulu did a kitchen take over one summer evening, serving a Sicilian/Egyptian menu of light & delicious dishes for one of their aperitivo nights. 

October 2022:  Lulu's Kitchen collaborated with "Latteria Studio" in Rome, a boutique kitchen studio space dedicated to workshops, pop ups & seasonal events.  " Nilo Mediterraneo", a cook & dine experience was curated & carried out weaving Egyptian ingredients with local seasonal Italian produce, highlighting the common thread between Mediterranean culinary cultures. 

Stay tuned as we expand our regional & global presence through our culinary collaborations.